The Hidden Secret Of Ancient Pain Management For The Modern Plantar Fasciitis Epidemic

Shauna Becker | Nov 15, 2023 | 11:11 am EDT

If you're like most of us, your foot pain can make everyday things like walking, standing and even moving your feet cause unbearable pain.

And when you finally go to see a podiatrist they usually tell you to rest it off and take painkillers.

Many of us don’t have the luxury or want to just rest it off.

But here’s the thing…

Our ancestors walked for kilometers on end daily to even survive, so could there be an answer to plantar fasciitis hidden in the past?

Was plantar fasciitis a problem in the past?

It was only in the early 1942 that plantar fasciitis was first diagnosed.

Before then, plantar fasciitis was known as a heel spur.

But today plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain.

So what happened?

Are our feet weaker? Are we just more susceptible to foot problems?

The reason it wasn’t so common in the past is pretty surprising…

And it also reveals one of the best ways to beat plantar fasciitis today.

Ancient wisdom meets a modern problem

Because the plantar fascia is like a rubber band.

As you walk it stretches and recovers constantly to match your stride.

But being under constant stretch causes plantar fascia to tear.

And exactly that is happening in your plantar fascia as you walk with bad shoes.

But our ancestors had to walk everywhere.

And they didn’t have the greatest footwear either.

So why didn’t they suffer like we do?

It’s because the muscles of their feet and plantar fascia were able to “breathe”.

It wasn’t stuck in one position hours at a time, unlike in modern shoes.

All the tree stumps, rocks, roots rising up from the ground, and the changing terrain created a constantly varying stretch in the plantar fascia...

That helped people avoid overloading the tissue.

Compare that to today’s environment where our feet are trapped in poorly designed shoes.

And we are constantly walking on flat surfaces like asphalt.

There’s no breather for your plantar fascia…

But what does it mean for you?

A modern solution to a modern problem

In today's world, we can no longer walk constantly in nature.

And you probably don't want to walk the streets barefoot either, so we need other ways...

Which our shoes seem to fail to provide us with.

Because store-bought shoes aren’t made with plantar fasciitis in mind.

But the shoes are not to blame.

The insoles used inside the shoes on the other hand are the real issue…

So you may be wondering if barefoot shoes would do the trick then…

Unfortunately not.

The thing with barefoot shoes is that they do what they are supposed to, but the terrain is still the issue.

If you’re living in a city or even near one, you know that most of the roads are made of asphalt…

And the ones that aren’t you wouldn’t want to walk barefoot on.

Especially here in Finland.

So what can you do?

The bottom line is you need to give your plantar fascia well deserved rest.

But you have to keep moving because of your job, kids and errands.

So the only way left to really relieve the tension is to…

Make All your Shoes Plantar Fasciitis Proof

But how?

The answer might surprise you, but it’s a breakthrough Insole designed specifically for plantar fasciitis.

It’s called The ComfySole and it’s designed right here in Finland.

This simple but effective insole can make your favorite shoes plantar fasciitis proof.

By making your shoes imitate the changing terrain our ancestors used to walk on.

Here’s how it works.

First, the sturdy but comfortable arch support supports your feet natural curve, releasing the pressure your plantar fascia tissue is experiencing.

You’ll notice how the pressure soothes the moment you wear these the first time.

Then the heel cushion relieves acute pain by minimizing the shock and strain on the heel.

As you already know, that’s where plantar fasciitis is at its worst usually.

And then finally, the metatarsal cushion on the front of the insole absorbs shock and softens the step.

That makes wearing it comfortable even if you’ve been suffering for years.

The results?

It makes walking and standing comfortable again.

Thanks to the relieved pressure on the tissue, your plantar fasciitis can start to heal.

In just a few weeks, you’re able to plan your days without thinking about the stabbing pains on your feet.

You can take your first step of the morning without the feeling why you even woke up to this new painful day.

Take back the control of your life with the help of ComfySole.

Every step feels light again

ComfySole attacks the root cause of plantar fasciitis.

It supports the natural curve of your feet, so that the damaged tissue can heal.

And it makes all your shoes do this.

Best of all, you can get the benefits of our ancestors' terrain.

Without feeling the gravel road on your feet.

Forget cortisone injections or expensive podiatrist.

With the help of ComfySole, you save hundreds of euros on an annual basis.

The best part?

You’ll feel the relief fast, in just a few weeks of daily use.

Just slide in the ComfySoles, and you’ll instantly understand what I’m talking about.

You can feel how the shoe feels more supportive and in line with the natural position of the foot.

It’s like you found the missing piece of the puzzle.

No wonder these insoles have gone absolutely viral on social media and they keep selling out.

Thousands Of Finns Have Adopted ComfySoles as Their #1 option to Battle Foot Pain

Thousands of people in Finland have already chosen Norelie’s ComfySoles.

Just check the 10’s of 5 star reviews on their website.

When you do, you find stories like Lily’s, who overcame foot pain in just less than a month

"For years, every step I took felt like I was walking on sharp rocks.

I tried everything for my plantar fasciitis—ice, stretches, even pain meds, but nothing worked. Sounds dramatical, but it got so bad, I thought I'd never enjoy a simple walk again.

Then I saw an ad on Youtube about these new insoles that promised to help with plantar fasciitis.

Honestly? I didn't expect much.

But within a month, the change was unbelievable. My feet felt supported in a way they hadn't in years. The pain started to fade until one day, it was just...gone.

I was back to walking, jogging, and even walking with our dog on a daily basis.

 Now, I won't wear a pair of shoes without these insoles. They gave me my freedom back, and I'm never looking back."

Lily, 54

Or Oliver, who was looking for insoles that would ease the burden on his feet of 20 000 steps a day

"I'm the kind of guy who's always on the move—hiking, running, playing soccer with friends.

When plantar fasciitis hit me, it felt like a brick wall. I couldn't even jog without wincing. Tried a bunch of remedies, but nothing stuck. My doctor told the cause was due to the enormous strain on my feet.

I was pretty frustrated, thinking maybe I'd have to give up on some activities I love. Then, I gave these specialized insoles a shot, not really holding my breath.

Slipping them into my sneakers, I felt the difference almost immediately. They fit like a glove and offered support exactly where I needed it.

In just a month, I was not only back on my feet—I was back in the game, stronger than ever.

I've got these insoles in every pair of shoes now. They're non-negotiable for me. Thanks to them, I've regained my active lifestyle without compromise."

Oliver, 38

Every single day, there's a new amazing story from another person whose life has been transformed.

Will your story be next?

That's the Kind of Results The Team At Norelie Wants You to Experience.

Think about your feet right now...

Would you welcome even just a bit of relief from constant pain, stiffness and swelling?

I’m sure you would.

How much happier you’d be when you get out of bed?

How much more active would you be?

Would it allow you to enjoy your daily life a bit better if there was less or no pain, stiffness, and discomfort in your feet?

I’m sure the answer is YES!

There’s a reason why we as Finns are some of the healthiest and happiest people on earth…

We stay active!

And the ComfySole insoles can help you do the same.

That feeling is priceless.

There's a world of difference between living life with constant foot pain, stiffness, and discomfort, and being able to do what's dearest to you.

And I'm excited for you to experience it for yourself.

So What Does It Cost?

Norelie’s mission with ComfySoles is to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

That's why they sell directly to customers online.

Norelie has a small team so they heavily rely on word of mouth.

But they believe if the product is good, and the price is fair the word will spread.

Norelie doesn't want the price to stand in your way.

So even though they normally charge $39,99 for a pair on their official website...

Norelie Is Making A Special Limited Offer To Anyone Reading This Page

On this page only, you can get your pair of ComfySoles for a simple one-time fee of just $29.99

But that’s not even the good news…

If you’re willing to invest in more than 1 pair of ComfySoles today…

They’ll drop the price for every pair you add to your order.

Why would you need more than one pair?

Norelie finds that their customers love having ComfySoles ready in whichever shoes they feel like sliding on.

Sneakers, tennis shoes, office shoes… you name it.

If you have more than one pair, you can make all of your shoes plantar fasciitis proof…

Because after you have tried on your ComfySole enforced shoes, you won’t want to look back.

So right now, you can get 2 pairs of ComfySoles for $49,97 and receive 1 additional pair for free!

The best part is…

You Don’t Have To Say Yes Today, Just Say…Maybe…

See... the team at Norelie wanted to completely eliminate the risk for all buyers.

They’re so confident in the effectiveness of these insoles…

That they are providing an iron-clad 60-day results or refund money-back guarantee.

They don't want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

This means if you aren't absolutely thrilled about your results, Norelie will refund you every penny you paid.

You’ll have 2 full months to test the ComfySoles and see for yourself how quickly it can relieve your plantar fasciitis.

So click the big green "APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY" button below.

If you don't get the relief you're looking for or you think there's a better solution on the market for your condition…

The Norelie team will return 100% of your purchase price.

And no, this is not a type of guarantee that every other company offers nowadays.

This is no gimmick. Want proof?

Try emailing Norelie customer service. The contact information is right below and you can literally reach a real human being 24/7.

Simply send them an email at

You can also find this information on their official encrypted website.

They respond to every single email within minutes.

They answer every single phone call...

It may sound out-of-fashion, but at Norelie, they make their customers, their absolute #1 priority.

WARNING: By The Time You'll Be Reading This, This Offer May Already Be Sold Out!

ComfySole has already sold out in Finland several times in the past.

And now with the expansion into other European countries, this current stock is selling out faster than anyone could have anticipated.

So I encourage you to act fast.

Because chances are by the time you'll be reading this... the stock may have been already sold out again.

Here’s What to Do Next

Click that big green “APPLY DISCOUNT & CHECK AVAILABILITY” button below.

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There, you will get a special one-time deal reserved for first-time customers. (As much as 50% OFF)

From there, you’ll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information.

…And select how many ComfySole pairs you want.

I suggest you do AT LEAST two, because the more you get the bigger the discount you receive (you can save as much as 50%!)

Consider This Your WAKE UP CALL!

Norelie is offering a huge discount and a 60 days guarantee.

That’s how sure they are that this will work for you.

So the only risk you’re taking is prolonging your suffering by making no choice at all!

If there’s one thing I learned from foot pain it’s that doing nothing is still a choice.

I spent months sitting around feeling sorry for myself when I should have been out trying to find the solution.

Thank god I was blessed to have such a great friend to give me a wake up call.

But if you’re still reading this, then consider this YOUR WAKE UP CALL!

Remember, no amount of pills, therapies, or anything that you've tried up until now has even had a chance at working - and now you know why.

This is the only thing that treats the actual root cause of plantar fasciitis without restricting your freedom or choice of footwear.

You’ve got two choices and time is running out.

Choice 1 is to keep doing what you’re doing and not taking action.

You’ve read this and now you know the true cause of your foot pain is not letting the plantar fascia rest properly.

You’ve also been given a solution to fix it

So continuing to suffer is simply your own choice at this point.

OR… Take Option #2…

Make the smart decision to try Norelie ComfySoles and finally get some much needed relief.

Remember - You’ve got nothing to lose.

Either it works as advertised and you’ll experience a massive relief.

OR you’ll get your money back right away - no questions asked.

Either way, it’s better than just giving up and doing nothing.

I still thank God every day that I discovered the Norelie ComfySole insoles

And I’m just one of 1000+ people who will tell you that.

You owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

It's time to do the smart thing, the right thing for you and your family while you still can.

Click the button below to apply your discount and give yourself a shot at normal life, free of foot pain.

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